We Aim to Contribute to Society Through Producing Eco Friendly Tires.

We contribute to sustainable development by taking into account environmental changes and customers’, employees’ and stakeholders’ needs.



  • Produce tires with less consumption of natural resources, wider use of recyclable materials, less production of waste, and less environmental impact by emission and noise levels

    • Reduce energy use throughout our operations
    • Produce tires that can increase fuel efficiency
    • Conform with all legal requirements related to environmental aspects
    • Promote environmental standards, as ISO 14001
    • Keep being ready for any environmental risks and ensure prevention of pollution, reduction and recovery of wastes.
    • To train employees, vendors and business partners in order to raise environmental protection awareness.

Commitment to Society

We Know The Importance of Supporting Our Communities and Assisting Them in Need.

We focus on how we can constantly make a positive impact on our society. We believe that the whole company has duties towards its environment and professionals. Through this global understanding, we want to contribute to an improvement of the living- and framework conditions.

  • Student Experience Closely involved with local schools and colleges, to give their students work experience.
  • Fighting Poverty Fight against poverty, helps families provide them decent housing.
  • Help Disabled Support actions to facilitate the integration of disabled people.
  • Social Awareness Support social assistance projects for society.

Commitment to our People

We provide a friendly, open and supportive workplace and environment where health and safety is assured, privacy is maintained.

Our employees participate our training programs every year. Highly skilled and motivated employees are valuable for us as they have important impact in both our society and industry. Keeping them always highly motivated is one of our highest priorities.

Our diverse culture creates an environment that promotes innovation, creativity, and collaboration, which benefits both our employees and our customers. We are working together with individuals of various cultures, religions, ages, disabilities. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, union membership, ethnicity, religious beliefs or any other factors protected by law.